Thursday, April 15, 2010

A visual clue to unseasonably warm temperatures

You don’t have to look very far to hear about how above normal we are concerning temperatures. Last year, we were experiencing wet conditions and temperatures in the forties. This means, on average, that our maintenance schedule this time of year is composed of course cleanup (branches and perennials), preparation (fertilizing and seeding), and other maintenance (irrigation system and bathrooms). We are not typically mowing too much grass because the temperatures are relatively not conducive to productive tissue growth. What does this mean? Everything was thrown at us quickly this year. Bathrooms will be up and running today, the code is 5929. The white nine will be opening for afternoon play today; we will be keeping it closed most of the morning on the weekdays so that we can finish bunker work uninterrupted. We have been getting many complaints about ball marks, please be considerate to your fellow members and repair your ball marks. Remember that just because your ball is not in birdie range, doesn’t mean that a ball mark was not made. Come on out and enjoy the weather, as it looks like the weekend will be a return to normal temperatures.

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