Thursday, April 22, 2010

The crazy keeps on coming

As if the weather was not enough to keep us jumping, we thought we would put a hole in this four inch natural gas line.  The nice gentleman from NIPSCO came out to give us a hand.  Flaming holes are not considered hazards by the USGA, so we decided to stick to our bunker renovation project.  We are happy with the progress of the bunkers, even though the weather is producing more growth on the turf than we would like.  Sunday is the opening scramble and the weather should be clearing by then.  
The green expansions are coming along, we hope to have them topdressed and smoothed out by the end of next week.  There is not a lack of work in our department right now, we continue to prioritize and try not to panic too much.  We have some exciting things to share, and I hope to update everyone soon from the comforts of my desk, instead of this inch and a half keyboard.  Keep it in the fairway
- Turf

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