Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter shop work

I can always tell when we have serviced all the cutting units for the golf course. Mr. Muniz will move on to other projects that are slightly more involved. I walked into the shop to find the rear axle off the club car pioneer. This car has seen 12 seasons and many miles. Completing this type of work in-house saves money, but more importantly, if we can extend the life of the equipment, the savings is tremendously significant.
Golf course mechanics are about as easy to find as a good tuck pointer. For those readers who may ask what a tuck pointer is, well, my answer is "exactly."
I am grateful to have a good staff that works hard, is cost conscious, and is just fun to be around. I don't thank them enough.
Speaking of cars, if you have a private electric golf cart, make sure it is NOT continually on the charger. Charge your cart once a month and before you do, make sure the water in the batteries is full.
I always get the call in the spring, my cart is dead, don't let it be you.
It will be here soon,

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Get out!!

Let's get outside!
Your club is a vast winter playground. Snowshoeing and cross country skiing await you. This time of year the golf course is beautiful and the wildlife is more visible than ever. Natural sunlight helps the body produce vitamin A and ward off the flu. Exercise releases endorphins which are structurally similar to morphine and make you feel good.
Don't want to venture into the cold? The club is still offering yoga twice a week and we can do more if we get the interest. We would like to do a golf specific stretching and strength training, interested?
Beat old man winter, let's get out!