Wednesday, April 13, 2016

If you love a child, introduce them to golf

Talk to anyone with a child in youth sports and I guarantee you will hear a story of a coach screaming and 10-12 year old kids. The organized sport boom, resulted in well meaning, training lacking, adults in roles of coaching and influencing kids. Travel teams and the money involved in such endeavors or private lessons have left parents looking for an R.O.I. When the return is to be perfection and championships out of pre-pubescent humans, disappointment is likely. The pressure for youths to perform like professionals can be felt on any sidelines. We are accepting the treatment of youths in these sports that we would not tolerate elsewhere. We would never think to speak to an employee the way that coaches are speaking to our children. There is still one sport that has a professional coach at the
Here at the club, a sport is taught with such concepts as
1. Positive mental imagery
2. Humility
3. Visualization of success
4. Reacting indifferently to bad shots or failure.
5. Positive self esteem
6. Awareness of negativity and doubt
7. Feeding the positive voice
These are just a few of the concepts that are needed to play golf and to perform. These values are shared with nearly every golf professional I have ever met. If you wish for a positive sporting experience for your child, look no further than golf.
Negativity has no place on the course or practice facility. Golf just won't have it. So when you tire of the screaming and craziness of our typical youth sports, golf will be here, waiting, with open arms.
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