Thursday, August 6, 2015

Heat+wind+no roots=tire marks

It didn't take long for the place to dry out. You may have noticed some traffic damage. Members are asking what the marks are from. The wet spring never encouraged deep root growth, and one of the first dry windy days stressed the turf to the point of wilt. The damage that you see is from the stress of cart traffic. One thing that is interesting, is how the different types of turf use water and respond to stress differently. The turf in the fairways was unaffected, while the rough took the brunt of the damage. These areas will recover with some rain.
I have included a photo below looking through sunglasses and looking with the naked eye. Sometimes I have to take my sunglasses off because the golf course looks too stressed. Sunglasses are a superintendents friend at times, it allows us to see stressed areas better. Sometimes, sunglasses just freak me out.
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