Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why you need a good golf course mechanic

Reason #28
When an irrigation head that is supposed to do one turn does one hundred and sixty and your biggest event is in three hours.
There is no time to "hunt" for equipment. Pumps, hoses, and wrenches are right where they should be. Pump was full of gas, one pull, and we are pumping water. I didn't even have to try and start it before I left the shop, I was that confident in our team.
We had a small disaster, but our team remained flexible. We are cutting and rolling this green last to allow all the water to drain as much as possible. We cut the hole location in the highest playable spot.
I am proud of my team, being organized and communicating well is essential to avoid "crisis" mode in any non-ordinary situation.
Well done team,

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