Friday, March 6, 2015

Battle of the seasons

The forecast for the next 15 days looks like an epic battle. Winter will prevail in the darker hours while spring will make appearances in the daylight. I noticed chickadees singing the other morning and it was sweet music.
Before we open the golf course to play on regular greens, a few things must happen;
1. The ground must be thawed completely through the soil profile and remain that way overnight.
2. The soils are not excessively soft or wet.
3. The grass is not longer dormant.
Looking at the forecast it appears that we will be completely free of snow mid-late next week. The melting snow will will drain slowly as the frost remains in the ground. Nighttime temperatures for the next couple of weeks are below freezing and this will keep our putting greens closed. I would not anticipate opening the greens for at least three weeks at this time. I will keep updating our status and progress as the forecasts are sure to change.
There is still much snow and ice cover on the turf as you can see.
Temporary greens will be available as the snow melts, carts are restricted to paths.
If you venture out to play the temp greens, wear your dry joys,

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