Thursday, January 15, 2015

The first step to customer service

The definition of acknowledgement reads; 
"The action of showing that one has noticed someone or something."

Hello everybody!
The above graph depicts the use of the word acknowledge from 1800 to 2010.  Part of the training of our staff includes acknowledgement.  Being acknowledged makes us feel good and it's obvious by the definition.  If I am something, and someone sees me, there should follow some gesture of the fact.  
I frequent a local coffee shop.  Several of my "coffee clutch" friends all began our friendship several years ago in this shop.  It was like the show "Cheers," we would enter and "everyone knew our name." We were greeted enthusiastically the moment we came through the door.  Since the inception of our group several employee turnovers have happened and we have often commented how the place isn't the same.  Today I realized my coffee clutch's discontent.  I entered the shop, stood in line, noticed several employees make eye contact with me.  It wasn't until I stepped up to the cash register, ready to make a purchase that I was greeted.  The greeting in fact was less than heartfelt.  It was if the young lady was forced to read the "good morning," from a script at gunpoint.  I felt bad, I felt like it was only when I was ready to give up some cash, was I even good enough for a blah "hello."
When you come to the club, your presence is special to us.  I hope you know and feel that way.  Our staff understands that acknowledging you on the course and grounds is important not only because of the safety implications (giving you peace of mind to play away because the staff is in a safe location and watching the ball), but also because it is part of the culture we are striving for.  Please understand that if there is ever a time when we fail our acknowledgement standard to make myself or another management staff member aware.
Good morning and have a great day,

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