Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ralph makes an new friend, I end a relationship

The golf course is home to many animals, the amount of habitat a golf course can provide is impressive. This guy wandered out into a fairway and was greeted by Ralph, we gave him a lift back home, and ralphie did not try to eat him. I was pretty surprised.
Noting Tiger's downward trend almond with players leaving the game, Dick's Sporting Goods fired over 500 PGA Professionals yesterday. Here is a link to an article They can say what they want, but the relationship they had with Taylormade didn't help. They were playing the distance game, and trying to sell a guy two drivers a year is not realistic. I used to buy quite a bit from Dick's, I won't be shopping there anymore.
It is time the PGA Tour, the USGA, and the network announcers stop putting an emphasis on how far the ball travels. Distance is not what makes this a great sport. This sport is great because of nature, camaraderie, creativity, and competition. Please share if you think this game is great, and help us find ways to encourage beginners to take up the hunt for birdies.
Dear Dicks Sporting Goods,
I love golf.
It is a great game.
We are no longer friends,

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