Friday, June 6, 2014

Factors affecting green speeds

I could write several paragraphs on the factors affecting green speeds, it would be incredibly interesting to some, informative to several, and boring to the majority. So let's keep it short and simple......leaf orientation and density.
We mow the greens at a height to optimize plant health and canopy density. The more dense the canopy, the less resistance to ball roll. The sharper the blades, the smoother the canopy. The rollers that determine the height of cut, need to roll smooth and true, any deviation affects height of cut and that = a canopy that is less than optimal. Here we see how our friends the cottonwood weed, affects mowing and green speed.
In four passes with the greens mower, I can make a cottonwood seed baseball! Which is cool, unless that baseball is preventing you from achieving some other goal, like optimal canopy density for true and smooth ball roll.
This will pass, and soon we will be mowing regularly without any disruption. The rough is still growing wildly and seeding at a tremendous rate due to the winter we had.
We will be working on irrigation under the bridge on red 8 today, expect the bridge to be closed for a portion of the day. I will take some photos to share,

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