Friday, May 2, 2014

Caddie week Friday

Here is our Friday installment of caddie week. Next week we are back to turf, and decent weather.....hurray!!!

Caddie vs Forecaddie

As mentioned in the last tip, caddies are those assigned to carry golf bags. Forecaddies, on the other hand, are more than caddies. They are employed by multiple golfers and are tending to each golfer with basic caddie duties. What are those duties? Cleaning clubs, cleaning golf balls, raking bunkers, replacing and filling divots, tending the flagstick and other greens duties, and, most importantly, watching the ball and finding it are just a few of the duties of the Briar Ridge forecaddie. Whether you employ a caddie or a forecaddie, the rates are the same.

Honor - $24
A caddie - $20
B caddie - $15
(18 holes rates, 9 hole rates are halved)
Tipping is at your discretion, but it is customary to match the above rate for an acceptable performance.

Mark Swinford, PGA
Briar Ridge Country Club

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