Thursday, April 3, 2014

Course opening / why I don't like geese

The time has come, golf season is upon us! We are opening up 18 holes for the weekend. The rain has left us saturated, so we will be carts on paths only. We are excited to show off some of our winter work.
You will notice clearing and raising of trees. We have opened up some wonderful views of this gorgeous property. Many of the views were "hidden" and we simply made them visible. Nine red, four red, seven white, one red, and the clubhouse are the most significant works.
I have had a tough week. As if the modern technology glitches (blogs that were private emails, old blogs being published, my private information being sold overseas, and a small extinguishable fire ) weren't enough, some geese decided to make two blue green and collar their main nutritional source. They ate the turf right down to the soil, but I believe there is enough vegetative material there to regenerate. We will be watching this closely and keeping play off of this nine for now.
The rains brought some green to the land!

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