Monday, March 10, 2014

Under the ice

Last week we ventured out and took a peek under the nearly two inches of ice on the greens. We found, what we were hoping for and somewhat expected, some healthy turf ready for spring.
The ice and snow have insulated the turf, and I could get the soil thermometer about 3/4" into the soil. I don't know how far the frost permeates into the green, but in the rough, the soil was completely thawed, and pretty soft.
I wish I could be excited for the forecast. I expect the snow to melt, green turf on greens to shine, freezing temps at night, then the turf will the greens will "off color" back to brown.
Oh well, it will be green again soon.
The forecast looks like we won't be golfing in March this year.
But we will see,

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