Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gold trees......take 2

I tried a new "look" to the blog, the iPhone didn't care for it and removed all my comments.  Here is my blog in its entirety...........

Took a walk to see where we could get equipment, check some course conditions, and peek at the bees.  I was immediately greeted by this scene.

Checking some conditions, we are looking for ice.  Some course managers need to be concerned with ice, as it can contribute to winter-kill of turf.  I don't concern myself too much as turf can withstand from 75-150 days of ice cover depending on the species.  If I see 75 days of ice cover, I have more significant issues.

Inspection of ice, we have two types.  One is a thin crusty layer, which allows adequate gas exchange.
The other is below, the black areas are where the ice is thick and dense.  The latter example prevents gas exchange.  Accumulation of gases, is what will kill turf as far as ice is concerned.  Water.........and crown hydration is another story, for another time.

Checking our service road as assessing pass ability.......Barney photo bombed me!!!  The road needs some serious work before a truck can get through.
Course has many drifts and deep pockets of snow.  More blowing and drifting today.  Hope to be able to get equipment out soon,

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