Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wet spots next to dry spots, next to really dry spots, next to.....awwww nuts

We are in a very dry spell. One of the interesting and super fun things that happens in times like these is that the irrigation system will make some areas very wet, while other areas remain bone dry. Irrigation coverage and modern controls can help manage this, but even the best systems have to rely on handwatering.
Our staff has been "pulling hoses" for some time now. It is not uncommon for a staff member to have 150 feet of one inch hose out in the fairway. If you have ever seen one of these, you know they are not lightweight. Rated at over 200 psi burst rate, there is quite a bit of material to these hoses. Once the hose is full it carriers 73 gallons of water. A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds. The hose is heavy. Granted, they are only pulling sections, it is still tough, especially in the sun, when it is 90!
I want to congratulate my staff on doing a tough job and sticking with it. We are looking for a break from Mother Nature soon.
The nuts (acorns) are starting to fall, please avoid driving over them. If we smash them into the turf, we will have nuts where we once had grass. Grass is better to play off than acorns. So tempting to go on and on, but I won't.
After Labor Day we will begin aerification of tees and fairways, we limit this activity to Monday-Wednesday, then focus on clean-up an preparations for the weekend. The green aerification dates are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of September 23-25.
Don't get above the hole,

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