Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Green speed

We have received some question about green speeds here recently. our greens have been rolling from 10.5 to 11, which is a target that we attempt to hit for everyday play. The emphasis we place upon green quality is smooth and true. The putting greens are managed to be a healthy stand of turf all summer. we still have about 6 weeks of potential stress for these surfaces.
Several years ago 90% of the articles of golf course maintenance were written on green speed subject matter. This issue was so much at the forefront of discussions that Crystal Downs in Frankfort Michigan did their own study.
Since then, modern breeding techniques have yielded new varieties of putting green turf that can handle lower mowing heights. Many prestigious clubs and hosts of major tournaments have undergone renovations to these newer varieties and the race is back on!
We suddenly stopped discussing what low mowing heights and fertility regimes will do to the older varieties. (Myself included!)
When Poa / Penncross greens bite the dust, a team of researchers and other gurus to investigate. The conclusions? New diseases on turf! These new pathogens are found in almost all rotting and decaying tissue. This begs the question, did the pathogen cause turf decline, or our we simply finding these pathogens where they naturally occur? I know what I think.
Below is a link to the latest USGA green section article, and they have recycled the old message of why bentgrass greens seem slow in the summer. Did they listen to my comment at Medina?......I doubt it.
But here is a link to an old article that explains the "marathon" we run with these plants.
Be careful, if the golf course industry "turf experts" get ahold of healthcare, we will be treating people for the newest scare..........maggots,

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