Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why cottonwoods are weeds.

A weed is defined as any plant that is out of place. Based upon the definition, even a rosebush could be a weed. Weeds have more to do with desired function of an area, than with plant variety an species.
Cottonwoods served as functional wind breaks for farmers. Prolific growers and reproducers, cottonwoods were an excellent choice. They were also grown as timber along wet river banks because of their tolerance of wet soils.
But, when it comes to golf, Cottonwoods, and their cottony mess, disrupt mowing operations, air cooling coils, and my allergies. Their soft bark and fibrous wood, make them brittle. This brittle tree makes a mess of the ground below in every thunderstorm. The annual cost of these trees in labor cleanup of playing surfaces is incredible. As spoken in Seinfeld,
Vile weed!!
The damage continues,
2 and 6 white greens last night,

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