Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The incredible shrinking green

Our greens have shrunk! Not from washing with hot water, but from a few years of the greens mower operator being too careful.
When the operator mows the final pass along the outside edge of the green, they must follow the edge perfect. If they veer outside the edge, they will scalp the taller turf that makes up the collar. If the operator stays too far inside the green, some of the turf that should be maintained at green height is not cut, a few days is all it takes for this "new edge" to appear as the correct boundary of the green.
The effort to maintain a "pretty" edge, is more conservative on the operators part. This is all my fault. The boss (me), tends to not like scalped areas.
This is the perfect time of year to "reclaim" these areas. You will notice yellow paint defining the new edge of the green. We will pick up a few awesome pin locations that I am excited about.
Now if I could do something about my shrinking attention span.

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