Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Throw out the "anchor"

We knew it was a matter of time, and today the USGA along with the R&A announced proposed rule change 14-1b.  

Just kidding........ rule 14-1b will "prohibit strokes made with the club or a hand gripping the club intentionally held directly against the player's body, or with a forearm intentionally held against the body to establish an anchor point that indirectly anchors the club."
I personally applaud the governing bodies of golf for this decision, which preserves the nature and tradition of the game.  Now if they will do something about the distance race (guys, are you listening?).
The proposed rule would not make such equipment illegal, just prohibits the anchoring of such a device. Check out this video to see if you will be cheating in 2016, http://usga/anchoring.  
This proposed rule would not take effect until January 01, 2016, so there is plenty of time to take up the practice, win a ton of dough from your friends, then struggle horrifically when you have to give it up in three years.
Anyone want to buy a slightly used long putter?

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