Monday, October 22, 2012

Salmon in the creek

We have been watching for the salmon to begin pushing in the creek. Drought conditions coupled with the warm temperatures have delayed the run this year. The first report of fish came Saturday by Mark Heaney, good eye Mark!
The water levels are still low as you can tell by the photo showing the bank. If it cools an we get the predicted rain, by the end of the week we should be able to view them regularly from the bridges.
We manage the golf course to protect the water quality of these streams and to protect the habitat of these creatures. These habitats are important sources for their survival, especially when we consider the current situation in the Great Lakes with the introduction of invasive species. The proliferation of the Asian carp could be devastating to this great natural resource. Many people are unaware of the magnitude of the fishery industry that exists in Lake Michigan. We do, and that is why we are so dedicated to the management practices that slow runoff, filter nutrients, and preserve water quality.
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