Friday, July 13, 2012

Trees and turf

While the photos of seven red may be beautiful, they reveal quite a bit about ecology and natural selection.
Grasses (monocots) are some of the oldest living plants. The nature of this plant made it a survivor against intense grazing pressure by large herbivores.
The competitive advantage that grasses have is the ability to regenerate quickly and form dense stands.
The disadvantage that the grasses have? They have a low canopy and can be out competed by plants that can reach upward to the sun quicker.
Shading out grasses was possible by plants possessing an apical meristem (sorry).
Seven red fairway is under severe stress.
The trees compete for water, sunlight, and nutrients. The shade also means that the plant experiences extremes in leaf wetness (not good).
The rains we received after last weeks heat, cooked some low lying turf.
Please be mindful of the stressful summer that the turf (yes, me too), is experiencing, and avoid these areas with your carts.
The turf (yes, both of us), appreciate it.
Ever evolving,

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