Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Range update

For anyone who has found the range status as closed frustrating, efforts are being made to reduce the number of days that happens. We have trenched about 1000 feet, about a quarter of what we hope to install.
The trenches will be filled with pea gravel and pipe. We will install risers with drain grates to catch surface runoff and the trenches will carry sub surface water.
The design of our system includes perpendicular lines referred to as intercepter lines, spaced twenty feet apart. This spacing pushes the limits of drainage systems, but should improve the area.
A drainage system is complex, and the spacing of drain line depends on the hydraulic conductivity (HC). Are you sleeping yet? That is, the soils ability to transmit water when subjected to a hydraulic gradient. HC is defined by Darcy's law, which I will go into detail in a private consultation with anyone who wishes to participate. However, for sake of friendships, I will forego any elaboration at this time.
We will work on high ground, off plywood today, it's a little sloppy. Yesterday's winds were helping, then we awoke to this!
Pedology rocks!

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