Wednesday, October 19, 2011

King salmon, bathrooms, and water quality

I couldn't believe my eyes, beautiful King Salmon, running through the golf course. I consider myself a steward of the earth, taking care to do the right things. Now, I view our ditches in a different light. Not only do they need protection, but a collective effort to improve their condition.
Bathrooms will be closed at the end of this week. Temperatures are dipping close to freezing, so we will be turning the water off to the outbuildings. Please make friends with several homes bordering the course, so that you will have facilities at your disposal. If you live on the course, be weary of anyone who seems strangely "chummy".
I have been active to a small extent with the Hoosier riverwatch program. This program monitors the water quality in Indiana rivers. We would like to see a riverwatch team created here, please contact me for more details.
Its a bit chilly,

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