Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Puffy fairway

If you need a name for your band, come see me, it seems I can always find some good ones on the golf course. Ladies and gentleman.....puffy fairway! (cheers and screams)
So, here is the deal, heavy clay soils on 19 fairways, they never seem wet enough for cart paths only, because the thatch absorbs the water like a sponge. The clay beneath, when wet is extremely susceptible to compaction when wet. The more compaction, the less air space and the less roots will go into the soil. The less the roots go into the soil, the more they grow in the thatch. You can see from the photo, the thatch in the fairways. Thatch is very good at absorbing energy from the ball. You will see us beginning our fairway topdressing practice again in the coming weeks as we battle this evil monster!
In extreme weather, thatch that dries, dies.
Oh my,

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