Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Opening The Blue Nine

The course is slowly turning green.  After a looooooong winter, which seemed like an eternity, spring may finally be here.  Warm evening temperatures mean that the turf will begin to grow, and recuperate from damage.  Cart traffic, ball marks, winter injury, divots, and the like can all begin to heal.  We can do some damage out there and not worry that we will see the effects for several weeks.  We have a first cut on everything except rough. Our first bunker work will begin Thursday, and rakes will be out and in place.  Please make sure your seed and sand containers are filled, some of the sand from last year has blown out of the old divots, so please fill your divot and one other.  If you happen to take a large section of turf, feel free to replace the divot.  In the spring, the turf will root and heal, and we would rather see divots replaced than sand poured into the void.
We aerified all the greens over the last two days, and they received some turf nutrition.  I would love to share my recipe, but it is a guarded secret (not really).  We put down a balanced N and K fertilizer application and some calcium silicate, there........just enough information to make me seem semi-intelligent.  We are slowly ramping up to "fully opened" status.  There is a ton of work to do.  Branch cleanup, root pruning cleanup, stump grinding, irrigation system start-up, fertilization, weed control, flower bed preparation, bunker work, ditch work, tee signs, garbage cans, ball washers, pre-emergent herbicide applications, natural area and pond buffer work, trimming, and something else that I forgot.  OK, that is enough from me, more later........I am off to figure out how to make small writing is too boring!

Be good, or the Easter Bunny wont visit,


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