Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Raindrops are falling......................

..............on my head.  Rain is forecasted for 12 out of the next 13 days.  We have begun to work on the opening of the course.  We plan to roll the greens for the first time tomorrow, but we will see.  Mother Nature always seems to have different plans than us this time of year.  Looking forward, if we can get lucky and the rain stays away, we may be able to open the greens up for play.  We are trying to stay optimistic, but past experience says that the first week of April is our typical date for that type of activity.  Regardless, we still have 9 holes of temporaries out there, and if you have never experienced them, they can be fun.  We are planning on having another 9 hole cross country this spring, the one we had over Thanksgiving was fun, even though my team lost.  The course is still very soft, so if you do venture out, please keep carts on the paths.  Remember to stretch and warm up slowly, (link at left has some common stretches).  It has been a long winter and golf muscles wake up slowly, so avoid injury.  I like the Titleist Performance Institute, it has some useful information for the serious and casual golfer.
See you soon,

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