Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Fast Forward

I am often asked, "what do you do in the winter?" Most people believe that once the golf season is done, we close the doors to the place and wait until the spring comes and all the snow melts. Sometimes, I wish that were the case. With exactly 12 weeks left until the first of April, suddenly winter does not feel so long. In addition to an extension preventative maintenance program for our equipment, we are busy with projects, planning, and review. For example, in 2011 our department plans to experiment with Bio diesel from the kitchen fryer oil, expand an area for organic gardening, and install 2 honeybee hives. These endeavors, are just a few of the ways that our department is addressing the issue of sustainability as this industry moves forward. We also have a list of building improvements that we make to protect our workers and the environment. This winter, a small project is ongoing in our chemical building to make the mixing and loading of chemicals more efficient and safer. Protection of the environment and the staff are very serious priorities of the Briar Ridge Maintenance Staff, especially when it come to the use of pesticides. We also take time to review all aspects of course care. Mowing patterns, fertility, cultural practices, course setup, irrigation, bunker work, drainage, and general shop organization are all examples of our management routines. Revisions to our management routines are done by reviewing and assessing our current practices. Through critical evaluation of our current operations, we are hopefully constantly improving, which results in a more efficient and smooth operation.

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