Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is that falling from the sky?

Oh my, rain??  It has been quite a stretch of dry weather.  Soon we will be aerifying greens, tees, fairways, and traffic areas.  We have alreading begun re-seeding areas in the rough where the ryegrass quit on us.  This is prime time to seed, soil temps are warm and weed pressure is low.
I took the above photo yesterday in a light rain.  You may recall me talking about pond buffers and water quality.  I often emphasize how important our natural resources are.  I am particularly  protective of Lake Michigan (could be because I drink out of it).  The photo demostrates a sediment load, sediments cover up crucial habitat, may increase water temperature (which can influence dissolved oxygen content, pH, available phosphorous, all of which may lead to increased algal bloom). The loading being done in the photo is upstream from us, and serves to remind us of why it is important to manage our property with the environment, and our drinking water, in mind.
P.S. Check out the pond color after.

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