Friday, June 25, 2010

Return to normal......kind of

Looks like we are drying out to lift the path only restriction.  Some areas of the rough are extreamly wet and we may be paths and fairways on certain holes.  Bunkers are all pumped out, the new bunkers held up quite well, while the old ones have considerable wash-out.  Hopefully we will have the place put back together right before the forecasted thunderstorms this weekend.  Looks like today is the day to play, greens are cut and rolled.
You may notice several irrigation leaks, the ground being severely saturated allows for greater pipe movement.  We had to take the pumps down (off pressure) to avoid further damage.  If you notice any areas, please notify a staff member.  Hopefully, with the pumps down we can figure out what is a leak and what is simply drainage, this job sure stays interesting.
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