Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why the summer seems long

I just had to take this photo, I mean...................................
Seriously!!..............This is why in August, usually the second week, I feel tired, cranky, and miserable. We all want to break the rules, right? We would like everyone else to follow them, but when they inconvenience us, we think they don't apply. I don't think this type of thing bothers me as it once did. I have realized that 100% compliance is impossible and unreasonable. If the majority of people follow the restrictions, then policies have served their purpose.

There is still a part of me that is amazed by some of the things I see, but I try to remember the 100% compliance theory. I wonder how my overall happiness would be affected by accepting 80% success, not just at work, but at home and with my friends. I wonder how often I set my expectations for family and friends at unreasonable levels only to be disappointed, not because of the fault of anyone, but simply because we are human beings and we all falter now and then. Today I will be more open to the needs of others, to understand my role in their lives, and the need for us all to be flexible and compassionate.

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