Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The best part of my job

Work can be so frustrating, in fact, my next post will probably be about the kids who ran a cart through the bunker last night and tore the lip of it off. But today, I am thankful for the people, most of them anyhow, who I work for. Golf, contrary to what the PGA Tour, club and ball manufacturers, and the USGA want you to think, is not about power, distance, and par. Golf is about fun, creativity, and people. When you put a funny shaped stick in your hand, and try to knock a ball into a hole while avoiding natural obstacles, you should be having fun. Each and every shot is different, being creative and learning new ways to use the crooked stick is how golf should be played. Trying to hit the ball straight and far each time can be frustrating and down right boring. The most satisfying of shots come from a recovery of some sort where the ball flies curving and soaring, running to a safer position on the course. Getting together with friends and laughing is the kind of golf I like to promote. I will never be on the PGA Tour, and I will hit some terrible shots in the future, but I will not let that make me a miserable person to be around. I love to play with friends and members because of the time that is spent getting to know them, and hopefully giving them a great golf experience, even when we are hitting the ball sideways. I love this game, because it shares so much with the philosophy of life. It challenges us to not sweat the small stuff, to be creative with the challenges we face, and to appreciate those around us.

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