Friday, April 24, 2015

Nine red overflow

We are very close to having a pond again!! We had to abandon the old overflow and cut the metal culvert pipe back far enough to ensure the pond would not seep into the new connection. We capped the old overflow (shown in the last photo as a faint circle), inserted a PVC pipe into the old culvert, and prepared the pipe to receive the vertical overflow pipe. We will seal the PVC into the metal culvert with roofing tar. Once the vertical pipe goes into the white elbow on the right, we will calculate to height of the water with a transit level and cut the pipe off at the desired height. We wanted to have this job done by the end of next week, so we are ahead of schedule.
This will be a huge spring monkey off our backs!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Inter seeding greens / red nine update

We are inter seeding greens today with a newer variety of bentgrass. The newer bentgrasses have better growth habits and stress tolerance than the older ones. Inter seeding is a practice we were once really aggressive with, but stopped when university research claimed it was a waste of time. Fast forward a few years and this turf doctor disagrees with University PhD, my eyes and experience tell a different story. I now wish I had kept up the inter seeding practice.
The red nine will open as the turf begins to grow. We need the turf in the trees to be able to handle the cart traffic. The photos show how thin the turf is in these areas.
Won't be long,

Thursday, April 9, 2015

9 red pond repair

Looks like spring has sprung!
Speaking of sprung, the pond that sprung a leak is being worked on.
A pipe that connects to our overflow has corroded and is allowing the pond to bypass the overflow. We are digging back to bypass the corroded section, and we will install a new PVC overflow.
This weekend looks good for golf!
Happy Masters Weekend,

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rainbows and yellow flags....

Can only mean one thing at Briar Ridge......the golf course is open!!!
What a fabulous photo oppurtunity on opening day!
We are having our first men's league tonight at 4:30, the weather should be good, and if it's not, we can shoot pool.
Don't forget about the Easter egg hunt Saturday and Easter brunch Sunday.
I think this is a good sign for the 2015 season,