Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Winter work

One of the many winter jobs is the refinishing of amenities. Here we can see tee markers being sanded on the ends and a new coat of polyurethane being applied. The sun, wind, and rain age all of our amenities and they look pretty rough at the end of the season. The guys have a pretty good system for restoration. The photo of the three markers demonstrates the three main phases of this endeavor.
Our staff takes great pride in their work and we literally, sweat the details.
Stay warm,

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ice in the forecast

The forecast looks good for the ice rink! We try and provide a smooth, safe surface, and that takes some work! Marco and David are putting a new coat of water on the rink using a utility vehicle mounted with a tank.
Our manual zamboni, takes a bit more time, but it works well.
Find some skates and zip around while the rink is in good shape,

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More than a golf course

I often hear conversations about the cost of membership and the direct correlation of rounds played. This type of valuation of a country club membership needs to go far, far away. Most country clubs have done a poor job of communicating the value of membership, and now are beginning to send a new message into the community. Forget the networking and business opportunity for now (which should alone pay your monthly dues), and take the golf course. We received over a foot of snow here at Briar Ridge, and the golf course is now the most beautiful and magical place on earth. Our property is free of sound, no planes, no trains, no automobile noise, just solitude. Yesterday afternoon, my daughter and I took to the snow on an awesome snowshoe adventure. The birds sang occasionally, the inside of a cattail was explored, and scene after scene of pure beauty was locked away in memory.
The ice rink is being cleared off today for those who like to skate, the golf course has enough snow (more than 3 inches) for skiing, please avoid greens and tees, and it has plenty of snow for fort building, snowman making, or just family time.
Hopefully my photos will inspire you to take an adventure today.