Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall divot time

There is a nip in the air, but today is nice!! Come out and enjoy the color change!
If you venture out, please replace divots. Spring and fall we like to see the divots replaced as they will heal nicely. The seed on the other hand, is either blown out of the holes as we clean the leaves from the fairways, or feeds the birds. Either way, it doesn't help us grow fairway turf.
See you soon,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frost delays

It is that time of year.
The daytime temps look good for golf, but the nighttime lows will delay our starting times. Today we have frost in the shade at this time (8:50 am). Expect delays into mid morning.
We have an excellent breakfast, so come out and enjoy some camaraderie while we wait for the sun.
Have you played this golf course pictured?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Snow on the radar?

The forecast below is for snow at 10:30 am today. Yuck!
We are beginning to get the questions about closing the greens.
Greens will remain open as long as the soil temperatures remain high enough to prevent frozen layers. Once the greens begin freeze and the entire profile doesn't thaw, it will be time to say goodnight.
We will be putting temporary greens out again this year for the occasional winter break.
The cross country event is a big cup scramble that is played over thanksgiving weekend. If you don't think big cups can be fun, you haven't played in this debacle.
Salmon are in the river.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cold weather coming

It is that time of year!
Nighttime lows are predicted below freezing. We are beginning to prepare the course for a short winters nap.
One of the preparations we make is closing the bathrooms on the course.
I apologize for any inconvenience.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Practice bunker renovation

The short range bunker's drainage was replaced. The old bunker sand was pulled out and new sand put in. It is now ready for some practice. The sand is a little soft and needs to be compacted before it is similar to the ones on the course.
Special thanks to Fred for helping me get this done!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

A new look for 7 blue

Here is a photo of the new fountain in 7 blue pond. This fountain will help the water quality of the pond and looks very nice.
The fountain can bee seen from the entrance as well. We have some cattails to remove to improve the view from country club drive.
Looks like a great weekend for golf!
Come on out and enjoy the weather.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bunker issues

One of the ongoing maintenance items of a golf course is bunker drainage. The golf course is a living entity, dynamic, and susceptible to aging. Bunkers age. Sand that was once pure and drained well, becomes clogged with organic debris. Leaves, grass clippings, pollen, and other particulate matter is carried into these systems by wind, rain, and irrigation. Eventually this organic matter will clog drainage systems.
This photo is of three blue fairway bunker, not after a rain storm, but after a regular irrigation schedule. The sand is contaminated, as well as the irrigation. The sand needs to be removed, drainage replaced, and sand replaced. We have found that we can improve the condition of the bunkers significantly even if we only remove and replace the sand in the immediate area of the drainage.
We hope to address some of the worst performing bunkers this fall. The practice bunker at the short range is one of the highest priorities this fall. Next spring we will have a quality bunker for practicing!
Up and down!